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Whatever our customers require for the product they want us to manufacture, we do our best to fulfil them.

Another product that we have added to our portfolio is a laser cutting and welding machine with a 6 KW

fixed-head laser system for automatically trimming sheet metal with a laser cutting procedure,

as well as the subsequent joining, tensioning and laser beam welding.

This laser cutting and welding machine can be deployed on steel and stainless steel plates up to 4 mm

thick with a maximum width of 4 m*.

Figure left: control panel


Figure upper right/lower right: complete system

  Technical performance characteristics:
System dimensions: 7.200 x 8.500 x 2.700 mm
Connected load: 24.0 Kw
Working width: 4,500 mm
Laser power: 6.0 Kw
Max. cutting speed: 12.0 m/min
Max. welding speed: 10.0 m/min

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